Gorillaz are currently on tour supporting their latest release, “Humanz”, and Damon Albarn is already plotting out the next album.

In 2010, Gorillaz announced they would be releasing a new record, “The Fall”, and dropped the album just FIVE DAYS LATER as a free download.

According to NME:

“I really like the idea of making new music and playing it live almost simultaneously,” Albarn told Q. “It will be a more complete record than ‘The Fall’, but hopefully have that spontaneity.”

He added, “If we’re going to do more with Gorillaz we don’t want to wait seven years because, y’know, we’re getting on a bit now. We’re excited but we need to get these shows finished first. You never know what’s around the corner.”

Gorillaz released, “Humanz”, on April 28th of this year (2017).