Stone Temple Pilots have just revealed their new singer!

In February of last year, Stone Temple Pilots announced that they were on the hunt for a new lead singer. After 15,000 submissions, narrowed down to 50 hopefuls, and a week of auditions… Stone Temple Pilots announced Jeff Gutt as the bands new singer/ frontman!

Rolling Stone spoke with Dean DeLeo of the band, who said:

“Mr. Weiland paved quite a way. Because not just anybody can sing this catalog. You need someone who really knows how to sing. And Jeff kind of has it all, man. He has that baritone, and he’s also able to get into that tenor world. He’s a real singer.”

Jeff GuttĀ  is a 41-year-old Michigan native who recently was a contestant onĀ The X Factor.

Check out their brand new song and Jeff Gutt’s Stone Temple Pilots debut!