Lets taco ’bout how awesome this class must be!!!

Students at the University of Kentucky are being offered a college class dealing entirely with TACOS!

Taco Literacy: Public Advocacy and Mexican Food in the US South“, is a college course taught by, professor Steven Alvarez, who is making University of Kentucky students’ mouths water and dreams come true!

When your parents ask, “What could you possibly be learning in this taco class?”

Alvarez told Vice:

“I make them collect stories. I have students doing restaurant reviews and taco tours in the area that is now known as ‘Mexington,’ a.k.a. the barrio of Lexington. I make my students post on Instagram and use hashtags as a form of archiving. With all of these assignments, my students are practicing different storytelling techniques and forms of collecting data. At the very end of the course, my students will be generators of knowledge, have a portfolio full of multimedia food journalism, and they will be over the fajita stage of Mexican food.”

Now this is a class we can totally get behind.