Since his falling out with Blink 182 in 2015, Tom Delonge has devoted a good chunk of his time investigating the truth behind the existence of extra terrestrials.

In 1999, when Delonge penned the lyrics:

“I know the CIA would say
What you hear is all hearsay
I wish someone would tell me what was right”

No one anticipated he would actually seek answers to the UFO phenomenon…

This March, Delonge tells all in his first of a three-volume investigative series, Sekret Machines: Gods, which was co-written by Peter Levenda.

Consequence of Sound reports:

“The book promises to take readers on ‘an eye-opening investigative journey to the heart of the UFO phenomenon,’ according to a press release. Pulling in interviews and input from scientists, engineers, intelligence officers, and military officials, the book claims to ‘[transcend] the speculation of journalists, historians and others whose conclusions are often either misinformed or only tease around the edges.’

‘Sekret Machines: Gods is the opening salvo on the complacency of human institutions where the UFO Phenomenon is concerned,” explains Levenda. “It’s designed to shake people up, to make them question their assumptions.”’

Sekret Machines: Gods, hits shelves March 7th.