Proposed, Possibly FREE, Shuttle Downtown?!

Ride sharing companies like Uber, Lyft, Sidecar, and good ol’ fashioned taxi drivers will soon have some new competition downtown.  Downtown San Diego proposed a city operated shuttle service.  According to FOX 5, the shuttle would work much like Uber and Lyft; requesting rides using your smartphone! The proposed shuttle service will cost little to […]

Whip it BLUR Good!

Blur cracked their whip last month, treating crowds to a taste of their “Magic Whip” in their very own “Magic Whip” Ice Cream Truck on Record Store Day! Sad you didn’t get a lick? “It’s not too late.. to whip it”! Open wide as Licktators and Blur will bring you their exclusive “Magic Whip” on [...]

Is Lars Borrowing Thongs From The Merch Table?

This may be the sight of butt-sweat and tears for some Metallica fans… Metallica's gig at the Rock and Rio Festival over the weekend was shared with the world in the form of a controversial image.  Was Lars Ulrich rocking a red thong?   A rep for Ulrich told TMZ, this is not a [...]

Music Festivals Most Popular Drugs wanted to know… Do music festivals and drugs go hand and hand? … Like Hugh Hefner and… Who?:, Researchers, Instagrammers What?: They were looking for a correlation between music festivals and drug use. Where?: Instagram posts (over 3 million) that referenced 15 (of the biggest) music festivals along with drug use. Why?: Why […]

TV’s Finest Moms

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I thought we should pay homage to some of television’s best Moms! 1)  Marge Simpson (The Simpsons) 2) Leslie Knope (Parks & Recreation) 3) Claire Dunphy (Modern Family) 4) Lucille Bluth (Arrested Development) 5) Kitty Forman (That 70’s Show) Remember Mother’s Day is THIS Sunday!  For another list of […]

San Diego Man Suing “Craft Beer” Company

Local San Diego man, Evan Parent, is suing MillerCoors because the brand claims Blue Moon is a “Craft Beer”. According to the UT San Diego, Parent states that Blue Moon isn’t independently brewed nor is it hand-crafted. His lawsuit says: “The Brewers Association, an organization dedicated to promoting and protecting American craft brewers, defines craft breweries […]

The Cover Song You Never Thought Would Happen!

It has finally happened! Thirteen years later... Thirteen years ago, a fan made the bold decision to yell out the Bryan Adams song "Summer of 69'" at a RYAN Adams show.  As you probably guessed, things did not go so well for this particular fan.  Ryan Adams took out the $30.00 the person paid to [...]

Longest Running Original Adult Swim Show Calls It Quits

Adult Swim has announced its longest running original program "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" will come to an end.  The next season of  the show, "Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever" will be its last. The final season is due to air starting June 21.

Free Starbucks Coffee!

Nationwide, Starbucks computers crashed around 4 p.m. Friday (April 24, 2015) and they are giving customers free coffee! What are you waiting for?!?!

Another San Diego Venue Will Close Its Doors!

  Who? Porter’s Pub at UCSD (This club has hosted great artists such as Unwritten Law, Yelawolf and  Run the Jewels.) What? After 22 years, Porter’s Pub’s lease is not being renewed. Where? Club at UCSD When? Last show can be scheduled on June 30th Why? Unknown: The owner, Stephen Lawler, is still in shock, […]

Netflix Brings Us “Fuller House”

  John Stamos, who played Uncle Jesse on Full House, confirmed to Jimmy Kimmel earlier this week that Netflix will be bringing him and his former cast mates back together for a one-hour special in 2016. Want more? Of course you do! Netflix will bring us 12 episodes of their spin off  “Fuller House”. I [...]

Flaming Lips Recording With Hannah Montana

Miley Cyrus has been recording with Flaming Lips?! Hannah Montana previously joined forces with Flaming Lips, covering the Beatles “A Day in the Life,” which was probably a slap in the face to most Beatles fans. Now, according to Wayne Coyne’s Instagram, she is working with the band on brand new material in Los Angeles. […]