You Could Be Owed $900 From ‘Cruise Ship’ Robocall! You know those SUPER annoying robocalls you get? You know the ones... the 800-number that you ignore. Turns out that's hella illegal and a class action lawsuit has been filed! A class action lawsuit claims that Resort Marketing Group made pre-recorded robocalls from July 2009 to March 2014, offering free cruises with Carnival, Royal Caribbean, [...]

Scary Movies + Craft Beer + Puppies!

This is super, duper rad! I went to this last year and it's a great charity event. My friends over at Who Goes There podcast are doing their third annual charity movie night! Frights and Pints will be this Saturday night (August 19) from 6pm-midnight at The Ugly Dog Pub on El Cajon Blvd in [...]

Metal Have I Ever: Metallica on Carpool Karaoke {WATCH}

I learn so many things everyday working morning radio. Like none of the guys in Metallica know who Paula Cole is and James Hetfield is the only member of Metallica who has sent a dick pic. WHO KNEW?! Metallica hung out with Billy Eichner for Apple Music's Carpool Karaoke: The Series.  Check it out! Billy Eichner also spent [...]
Ye Scallywag

Ye Scallywag: San Diego’s Original Punk Rock Beer Festival is Back!

You asked for it San Diego!  Ye Scallywag is back! San Diego's original punk rock beer festival will be at Waterfront Park on October 21. If you went last year you know how much fun this beer festival is and you do NOT want to miss this years! Buy your tickets early! Beer X SOLD [...]

Rico Suave Little Leaguer Hits on Teacher on National Television

Shoot your shot, kid— Barmelo Xanthony (@HennyOmega) August 9, 2017 Look at this little Rico Suave! Ben Deibler, a middle schooler, became a legend at his school and among his friends when he made his feelings known on national television for his teacher. YES! I love it. But check out these other kids comments. Play [...]

Beer X: Danielle’s Top Beers to Look for at BeerX

GUYS!  I just saw the beer list for Beer X and HOLY CRAP! These are the beers that I highly suggest you try at Beer X on Saturday! Unlimited pours from 1pm-4pm! There will be over 120 amazingly, delicious, dank beers, but these are my picks. By the way... There were a TON of beers [...]

Scientists Name One of the Nastiest Sea Creatures After Lemmy!

A palaeoartist's reconstruction of Lemmysuchus (Lemmy's crocodile) obtusidens (blunt toothed). The reconstruction contains details relating to Motörhead, with the pattern on the head based on the band's Snaggletooth logo. © Mark Witton/Trustees of the Natural History Museum, London This is so badass. Scientists have named a prehistoric crocodile described as “one of the nastiest sea [...]
solar eclipse

Guide For Upcoming Solar Eclipse

You know when you were a kid and your parents told you not to look directly at the sun? Well, on August 21st you can tell your parents to suck it... as long as you're wearing the proper eyewear. The total eclipse will cut across the contiguous United States from coast to coast, giving millions [...]
Lollapalooza 2017

Watch Stream of Lollapalooza 2017 Here!

The line-up for Lollapalooza 2017 looked super rad but the trip to Chicago was a bit too expensive. The super awesome people of Lollapalooza are webcasting several of this weekend’s performances live on The acts scheduled to appear on the live stream: Lorde, Liam Gallagher, Muse, Blink-182, Run the Jewels, Tegan and Sara, alt-J, Cage [...]

Happy National IPA Day! Celebrate San Diego Style!

If you listen to Beer for Breakfast you KNOW IPA's are Tommy and I's favorite style of beer. Don't get me wrong, there are other great styles out there, but we are hop-heads. Well today is National IPA Day! (But in my world, everyday is IPA day.) There are some rad things going on at [...]

Ranking of Best Chips and Salsa in San Diego

Who doesn't love chips and salsa? It's the perfect snack! Once you start you just can't stop. So I wanted to know: Who in San Diego has the best chips and salsa? Man oh man did the 91X nation come to the rescue with this. There are some passionate people in this city! Tommy's favorite [...]