Worthy: Stone Brewing Co.’s 21st Anniversary on Beer for Breakfast

To help celebrate Stone Brewing Co.'s 21st birthday, and 91X's broadcast from the Stone Invitational Beer Festival at Cal State San Marcos this Saturday the 19th, the 91X Beer for Breakfast team got to spend some time with none other than Stone Brewing Co. co-founder Steve Wagner for this week's edition of Beer for Breakfast [...]

Today Marks the 40th Anniversary of the Death of Elvis Presley

Elvis still appeared healthy in his Aloha from Hawaii TV special in 1973, but the rot quickly set in. By Tommy Hough Today marks the 40th anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley. For me, it's hard to believe we've arrived at this date. I remember the day he died, and I remember the shock [...]

Beer X Preview with Beachwood Brewing on Beer for Breakfast

One of the breweries joining us Saturday for Beer X is Long Beach-based Beachwood Brewing, known for the Producer Danielle-approved barbecue at their Long Beach home base restaurant, as well as their solid selection of craft beers — including several featured in this edition of Beer for Breakfast with Beachwood co-owner and brewmaster Julian Shrago. [...]
Chester Bennington

Chester Bennington: How Soon Is Now – Or Ever?

Yesterday on Tommy Trending we relayed a story about how E-Bay had wisely decided to pull listings for commemorative items that had been distributed at the private memorial for Chester Bennington, but had somehow wound up for sale on E-Bay. Now, keep in mind, this private memorial service for family and friends only just occurred [...]

North Park’s Classic West Coast IPA and Cream Ale on Beer for Breakfast

Too many Hop Fus for the photographer? North Park Beer Co. visits the 91X studio. Kelsey McNair and Kelly Legan from the North Park Beer Co. paid a visit to the 91X Tasting Labs to record a segment of Beer for Breakfast ABV, and also offered up some samples of North Park's Covington Cream Ale [...]

North Park Beer Co. Gets the Beer for Breakfast ABV Close-Up

North Park Beer Co. first paid a visit to the 91X studios last fall, and correctly gauging the mood, were thoughtful enough to bring along the ingredients for a morning's worth of ice cream beer floats. So we were thrilled to welcome back North Park Beer Co. event coordinator Kelly Legan to the 91X Tasting [...]
AleSmith Brewing Co.

Two New Alesmith Brewing Co. Entries on Beer for Breakfast

Peter Zien and Paul Segura chat during the ABV shoot at AleSmth Brewing Co. We featured Alesmith Brewing Co. CEO Peter Zien on this week's Beer for Breakfast ABV, so it made sense to feature two of the beers we tried at the ABV session on this week's on-air edition of Beer for Breakfast with [...]

San Diego Cracks Top Five In Most Desirable U.S. Cities

San Diego comes in at number four in a new survey of most desirable U.S. cities. By Tommy Hough Even with its high prices, high cost of living, wildfires and the occasional earthquake, San Diego remains high on the list of the most desirable places to live the U.S. And now, we have empirical proof [...]

Beer for Breakfast ABV on Location at Alesmith’s Anvil and Stave

We caught up with Alesmith Brewing Co. CEO Peter Zien for this edition of Beer for Breakfast ABV, and left the 91X Tasting Lab behind to shoot on location at Alesmith's Anvil and Stave Barrel-Aged Beer Experience, part of the new crop of features at Alesmith's headquarters and tasting room off Miramar Rd. and their [...]

Rancho Bernardo’s Abnormal Beer Co. on Beer for Breakfast

Derek Gallanosa from Abnormal Beer Co. in Rancho Bernardo recently made a return visit to 91X to shoot a segment of Beer for Breakfast ABV at the 91X Tasting Labs, so for this week's radio edition of Beer for Breakfast, 91X craft beer enthusiast Paul Segura from the Karl Strauss Brewing Co. brought Tommy, Producer [...]

Christopher Nolan’s Intimate, Yet Epic, New War Movie Dunkirk

British soldiers awaiting evacuation at Dunkirk faced unceasing air attacks. By Tommy Hough From The Bridge On the River Kwai to A Bridge Too Far, the British have a fondness for their disasters. That fondness never quite became part of the American DNA, and perhaps it's a kind of national maturity that Great Britain long ago [...]

Derek Gallanosa and Abnormal Beer Co. Return to Beer for Breakfast

Derek Gallanosa from Abnormal Beer Co. in Rancho Bernardo was one of our first guests when we re-booted Beer for Breakfast last year on 91X, so it was fun to welcome Derek and Abnormal back for a brand new Beer for Breakfast ABV close-up at the 91X Tasting Labs. And Derek didn't come empty-handed, as [...]