Alec Beck’s Knee-slide Proposal To Amelia Brodka At The Vans Pool Party [WATCH]

Photo courtesy of Joanne Barratt Photography Skateboarders Alec Beck and Amelia Brodka originally met at the Vans park, and every year they go there to celebrate their 'vanniversary'. If you didn't think they could be more adorable, watch Alec's knee-slide proposal to Amelia last week at the Vans Pool Party. You also need to watch [...]

Soundgarden 7/22/92 Bremerton, WA “Lollapalooza” (full concert) [WATCH]

This was the first time I saw Soundgarden, at Lollapalooza in 1992. Kitsap County Fairgrounds in Bremerton, Washington state. That's where most of the festivals were held during that golden era of music. And check out the line up that year: RHCP, Ministry, Ice Cube, Soundgarden, The Jesus And Mary Chain, Pearl Jam, Lush. Epic. [...]

Support Local Artists And Craftsmen With San Diego Made

It’s been so much fun discovering everything local about San Diego. And a couple weeks ago at a friend’s wedding I had the pleasure of being introduced to San Diego Made, a local artists collective. Supporting artists and craftsmen is how local culture thrives, so organizations like this are essential. This Sunday (5/19) San Diego [...]

Live Stream LCD Soundsystem’s I/O Conference Performance Here [WATCH]

LCD Soundsystem are performing at Google's I/O Conference tomorrow night! (5/18) The live stream kicks off at 9pm. They'll release their first album since 2010's This Is Happening later this year. Listen to one of their new songs 'Call The Police' while you wait to see them play it live tomorrow night. Zach

Magic Giant Play ‘Set On Fire’ Live On The Today Show [WATCH]

Magic Giant is on the rise and we're stoked for them! They played the Today show this morning (5/17) and killed it. They were even polite during their awkward introduction. They also played a 91X Drop-in a couple weeks ago at Bird's Surf Shed OB. All fun and games, the sort of thing bands like this [...]

Hear Every Hook From Missio’s New Album Before It’s Released [LISTEN]

Missio's new album Loner comes out on Wednesday and, holy crap, it's heater after heater, after heater! "Killing Darth Vader with my motherf**king kick drum." Bonkers. Wait until you hear this on the X-FEST 2017 sound system, you'll probably poop your pants with some of these bass notes. Bring a change of briefs. And tomorrow is [...]
Dan Auerbach Black Keys

The Black Keys Dan Auerbach Performs New Song On Colbert [WATCH]

I have to admit, the first time that I heard 'Shine On Me' I didn't know what to think, other than it's catchy. It wasn't the usual Dan Auerbach fare. But it's really starting to grow on me now after seeing him on Colbert! I can't wait to hear the rest of Dan's solo album [...]

Phoenix Premiere J-Boy Music Video [WATCH]

Phoenix is doing something different for the video premiere of their new song 'J-Boy'. You have to watch it live on their TV, and make sure you turn on the power by clicking the flashing icon. The video was scheduled to play 4 times today (5/11) and you can still catch the last broadcast this [...]

Tony Hawk Takes Over Depeche Mode’s fb With Trent Reznor’s Help [WATCH]

Tony Hawk took over Depeche Mode's facebook page yesterday and posted a video of all his sickest footage from 2011 - 2017. The soundtrack is 'Never Let Me Down'. He's still pushing the creative boundries like nobody can. Ally-oop backside boneless footdrag on vert?! Never heard of such a thing. And it's packed with doubles [...]

Highly Suspect Covers Rad 80s Masterpiece, Real Life’s ‘Send Me An Angel’

I finally listened through Highly Suspects album The Boy Who Died Wolf front to back. I was thrilled to hear their boggy cover of Real Life's 'Send Me An Angel'. They grabbed hold of this thing, beat it down, choked it out and dragged it through the murkiest of swamps. Not quite as nostalgic as throwing [...]