Dan Auerbach Black Keys

[WATCH] New Music From The Black Keys Dan Auerbach

Dan Auerbach from The Black Keys will release his second solo album Waiting On A Song on June 2nd. 'Shine On Me' is the first taste and it comes straight out of the gates complete with a video. Watch Dan rise to universal fame after being abducted by aliens and winning an intergalactic demolition derby. [...]

[WATCH] Bob Moses Tearing Me Up Piano Instrumental

This is a beautiful and simple piano arrangement for Tearing Me Up. You know all those restaurants, bars, and hotel lobbies with a piano? You always wish you could sit down and tear through something to show off? Learn this. Then get crazy looks from people while you play air piano along to Bob Moses [...]

Oldchella Festivals Are Now A Thing, Check Out ‘The Classic’

This actually makes sense. While kids are getting money from their parents for festival tickets (*cough* X-Fest *cough*), what about all that untapped capital the Grandparents have stashed away? And if I go, I get to go back to being the youngest person in the crowd, so nostalgic! But let’s get serious for a minute. [...]

Solved! Sleep Bedder. Congrats Ziva Gottesman You’re Going To Adam Sandler!

Great sleuthing Ziva! Enjoy the show. For the rest of you, we'll play again next week with a new location and tickets for another concert. I discovered Sleep Bedder by chance while shopping for mattresses. The staff is so kind and welcoming that I wasn't in a hurry to pick one. Every time I drop in [...]

[WATCH] Four New Gorillaz Songs & 360 Video

It seems that every few months there are rumors of new Gorillaz music. This time it’s for real! The new album Humanz comes out April 28 and you’ll be grooving to it all Summer. Every track features a different guest and you can hear four now, complete with animation which has always been a critical [...]

[WATCH] Zach Interviews Portugal. The Man

I had the pleasure of chatting with Portugal. The Man last week before an intimate X-Session. We chatted about the importance of their music videos, scrapping tons of material for an album they'll never release, and potential for a PTM, Mike D, Danger Mouse stupid group. Look for their new album Woodstock in June(ish) featuring the [...]

[WATCH] Twenty One Pilots: Hometown (Sleepers: Chapter 3)

Twenty One Pilots deliver "Hometown", chapter 3 of their mini-documentary Sleepers. Watch "We Don't Believe What's On TV" (Sleepers: Ch 1) They talk about what a work out the hamster ball is, introduce you to Tyler's grandparents, and say farewell to Judah And The Lion as they wrap up the American leg of the tour. Watch [...]

[WATCH] Red Hot Chili Peppers Insane Light Array

The lighting array at the Chili Peppers show last night was insane! Like nothing I've ever seen. I thought maybe I don't get out enough, but everyone I've asked today hasn't seen anything like it either. Here's why. RHCP are touring with the largest, automated, kinetic light installation in concert touring history. I imagined how tedious [...]

[WATCH] Skateboarding On Frozen Sand Beaches

Growing up in the Seattle I remember skating during some brutally cold winter days, with down jackets, beanies and gloves. When you slam on a freezing day the concrete feels harder than it does in Summer. But our weather wasn't extreme enough to freeze the sand on WA beaches. Even then we never would have imagined [...]

SOLVED! OB Pier. Congrats Caroline Conners You Won Front Row RHCP Tix!

Congrats to Caroline Conners who's taking her dad to see the Chili Peppers! I was at OB pier and she was the first to guess correctly. Tomorrow we'll play again for different concert tickets, thanks everyone for playing! Zach CLUE #8 CLUE #7 CLUE #6 CLUE #5 #ZachInSD #clue— Zach Van Lue (@zachvanlue) March [...]

[WATCH] Social Distortion Is Working On A New Album

Mike Ness has 20 songs that he's sifting through and polishing up for a new Social D album! They range from gospel-inspired to garage punk. “I kind of want the next record to have a little more variety,” Ness states. “If there’s ever a time to try new stuff, it’s right now, because I want [...]