You’ll Never Guess Who’s Opening For Metallica

When Lady Gaga started rehearsing with Metallica to record new material, you thought you’d heard it all, right? Wrong. Mix Master Mike, Taco Fest 2017 legend, will be supporting Metallica on their Summer Tour. And according to the band, it won’t be the MMM set that you’d expect to hear at a party or festival. [...]

[WATCH] The Shins Perform On The Late Show

The Shins are killing it right now. They just released their new album Heartworms and performed 'Name For You' last night (March 13th) on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. After the show Stephen took a ride in Big Red, The Shins old tour van that could be yours if you enter their contest. Goodnight, [...]

[WATCH] Bam Margera Is Skating Again And Tears Up This Mini Ramp

Bam Margera hasn't skated in years due to bothersome bone spurs in his feet. "Yeah, well, it was like bone spurs in my feet, I had like six of them. The reason why I took so long to get them fixed was because it didn’t hurt to walk or run, it just hurt to land [...]

This Lego Tape Is Genius

The dash of my car is about to be covered with Legos. Legos that stay put even through the tightest of corners. Why wasn’t this thought of years ago? And why hasn’t Lego picked it up to run with? I can almost think of as many uses for Lego tape as I can for duct [...]

What Your Emojis Say About You

Today a random thought crossed my mind: what does my most frequently used emoji actually say about me? I most frequently use ‘grimacing face’, which is the official name according to the emoji authority You know the one… “Generally used when a mistake or unfavorable situation has arisen” states emojipedia. But for me it’s [...]

SOLVED! Kava Lounge

Congrats Angelica Ocampo! You're going to see Panic! At The Disco. Of course, they're not playing at Kava Lounge so don't be confused. When I visited SD last August I asked some friends where to find underground electronic music. Anything really, not just House and Techno. Kava Lounge kept coming up but I never made it [...]

[WATCH] Lorde Perform ‘Green Light’ On SNL

Lorde performed ‘Green Light’ for the first time last weekend on SNL. Win Coachella tickets and you can watch her rock this live and in person! She’s waiting for it, that green light. She wants it. Zach

5 Tattoos You Need For #XFEST2017

You want to be styling at #XFEST2017 right? Right. Nothing is as styling as fresh, festival themed ink. Here are some suggestions in case you're in a creative rut. Zach 1. This Phoenix tattoo, so they can tattoo their autographs around it. 2. Impress Luke Steele from Empire of the Sun with this one. Had a [...]

[WATCH (again)] Salvador Dali And Walt Disney’s Short Film Collaboration

This film isn’t new. Salvador Dali and Walt Disney started working on Destino in 1948, but it was set aside until it’s completion in 2003. It’s made some appearances here and there, but was brought to my attention for the first time last weekend. And it’s absolutely magical. Imagery aside, it’s a throwback to old [...]

[LISTEN] New Music From K.Flay

CAUSE IM ALREADY HIGH ENOUGH— K.Flay (@kflay) March 10, 2017 K.Flay dropped her new one 'High Enough' today with a beat you can skip to. And if you pre-order the new album Every Where is Some Where she'll give you six tracks immediately. Get on it and spend the weekend blasting the fresh K.Flay sound! [...]

[WATCH] Win The Shins Tour Van

To celebrate the release of #Heartworms, we're giving away the first van we ever toured in! For full details visit— The Shins (@TheShins) March 8, 2017 The Shins are giving away the tour van that they took on the road back in the Subpop days. Who knows what you'll find in it's nooks [...]

[WATCH] Mini-Documentary: Message Man (Sleeper: Chapter 02)

Twenty One Pilots just released Chapter Two of the "Sleepers" mini-documentary. Tyler and Josh make out in hockey helmets, play football back stage with the crew, and explain why their buddy in Japan named their kid Tyler and not Josh. Zach