[WATCH] Danielle And Zach Interview James Mercer From The Shins

I arrived to the Shins X-Session today for a chill acoustic set and...surprise!!! Danielle and I were asked if we wanted to interview James Mercer. Sure, why not? What a cool guy. We had a casual chat about working on the new album, how he ended up in Portland, and being made fun of as [...]

SOLVED! Dunedin North Park

Nice work Gumshoes! And congratulations to Chelsea Beyer from Lakeside who’s going to Kings Of Leon. One of the first places I went to eat in SD was Queenstown Pub in Little Italy. A friend of mine loves it, so do many others I’ve come to find. A couple weeks later I took over a [...]

K.Flay drops her next belter on Friday

K.Flay is one of the coolest girls that I've met in show business. Her music is refreshing, original and hits hard. Nothing sounds contrived, and you're always wanting to hear more. Well Kristine is going to give you more on this Friday. She tweeted this today... i have a new song coming out this fridayplus [...]

[WATCH] Depeche Mode Perform On Fallon

Depeche Mode played their new one 'Where's The Revolution' on The Tonight Show Staring Jimmy Fallon last night. Super Stoked they're coming to San Diego! Zach

Guess Who’s In The Studio With Cold War Kids?

What are Bishop Briggs and Florence doing in the studio with Cold War Kids? Will we hear their voices on the new album? An EP? Is it a super group side project? So many questions… If I’d seen these pics a few weeks ago I would have asked them about it at their Observatory show. [...]

Lady Gaga To Replace Beyonce At Coachella.

**Confirmed! Lady GaGa will headline the Saturday of Coachella 2017!** ____________________________________________________________________________ So, we may have been a bit off on our Smashmouth featuring a hologram Shrek prediction. According to Billboard, Lady Gaga is in talks to take Beyoncé’s place at Coachella. If this is true, it actually makes sense. I couldn’t help but wonder what [...]

Lorde Is Teasing New Music— Lorde Daily (@LordeDaily) February 28, 2017 Lorde is teasing us. Her new website has a video with a couple of dates and locations that you should keep an eye on. 3/2/17 NYC and 3/3/17 NZ flash at the end of the 15 second video. Is she revealing new music with some surprise pop-up [...]

Listen to two new songs from Foo Fighters

If you missed Foo Fighters concert live stream last week, you missed two new songs. Even if you did watch, they may have passed by so quickly you didn’t notice. Watch them riff away on parts of “Keep Your Pretty Promise To Yourself” and “Run With Me”. Simple, refreshing good ol' fashion rock. - Zach

SOLVED! Green Flash

Concert tickets are missing from 91X! In a greedy attempt to see all his favorite bands, Zach snatched up stacks of concert tickets and made a run for it. He’s been stashing them all over San Diego. We have hacked his phone remotely to retrieve images of the locations. He is also tweeting clues at [...]

Travis Barker And Daughter Alabama Speak Out For PETA

Travis Barker and his daughter Alabama carved out some father/daughter time to express their love for animals in a PSA for PETA. They will make you think twice about eating meat. Or maybe they won’t. At the very least it’ll be a few days before you eat any pork. Travis also talks about how to [...]
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Twenty One Pilots Invite You Backstage In Documentary Mini Series

Twenty One Pilots are no slackers. It’s been rad watching them rise to Grammy winning, arena filling stardom. In a show of appreciation to their fans (you) they’re releasing a five part mini documentary. The intimate footage goes back stage and into their mindset as they wrap up this massive tour. Check out chapter one, [...]

Flying Taxis To Take Off This Summer

If you’re in Dubai. Come July, massive self-flying drones will carry single passengers on short trips around the city. They can handle up to 220lbs and fly for 30 minutes before needing a charge. As long as they don’t go rogue, you should get where you’re going. If Dubai’s architectural stunts like The Palm Jumeira [...]