Super Troopers 2 Is Coming To Theaters And The Trailer Is Here! [WATCH]

YES!!! This is a done deal. And it looks every bit as ridiculous as the first. Perhaps more so. Broken Lizard raised the money they needed to make this dream a reality, and the film will be in theaters on 4/20/2018. The way time is flying that will be here before you know it! In [...]

Eddie Vedder Performs ‘Out Of Sand’ On Twin Peaks [WATCH]

Eddie Vedder looks right at home on the set of Twin Peaks. I never got into the original series, even though it was shot in Washington where I grew up. Perhaps I should give it another chance as an adult? Or maybe just go straight to the new one? Everybody was pretty excited with news [...]

Lorde’s Interpretive Dance Performance At VMAs [WATCH]

Lorde was so sick with the flu at the VMAs that she needed an IV! That's no condition to perform, but this is show business and that means the show must go on! So rather than belt it out and risk her health, she threw together some interpretive dance choreography for her new song 'Homemade [...]

91X Gear Heads With Royal Blood [WATCH]

It's no mystery that Royal Blood get a massive sound. I was stoked to get some insight on how it's done. We jumped onstage before their set at The Observatory in North Park for a closer look at their gear. If you've seen them you'll notice that Mike changes basses nearly every song. It's because [...]

Billy Corgan Announces Solo Album And Releases First Track [LISTEN]

William Patrick Corgan, the artist formerly known as Billy Corgan, just announced a new album and released a track. 'Aeronaut' shows off his piano chops and knack for string arrangements. My first impression was that it sounds like a lost track from any post Appetite Guns N' Roses album. Which means it'll surely grow on me. [...]

Solved! Del Mar Racetrack. Congrats Christina Curiel You’re Going To GnR!

Guns N' Roses are coming! Zach is somewhere in San Diego, and he has our concert tickets! Gumshoes, we need your help! Check back daily for new clues, and follow @zachvanlue for even more hints to his location. When you’ve got a guess, FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW. You can guess as much as you’d like! One [...]

Pennywise Beer Will Get You Stoked For Ye Scallywag!

Introducing PENNYWISER, an easy drinking Session IPA from our friends at @lostcoastbrewer. Coming soon:— Pennywise (@Pennywise) August 21, 2017 Pennywise has a beer on the way! And not just any beer, it's 'Pennywiser, The Bro-Hymn of Beers', a session IPA collaboration with Lost Coast Brewery.  Makes sense, you should drink a session beer [...]
The War on Drugs

The War On Drugs Perform On The Philly River [WATCH]

The War On Drugs shot the new video for 'Pain' in their home town of Philadelphia. 16mm film captures the band cruising the Philly River, playing on a barge with their name on the side. Candid scenes of other Philly natives are shuffled into the shots, like kids riding bikes and everyday working class heroes. [...]

Surprise! Brand New Just Released Their First Album In 8 Years

People were just starting an ordinary, average day today when BAM! a new album from Brand New was released! It wasn't quite that abrupt though. 500 lucky fans got packages from Procrastinate Music Traitors containing a CD with a single 61 minute track on it. It was the entire new album with no spaces between [...]
Mark Hamill Obi wan Kenobi

A Star Wars Obi Wan Kenobi Film Is Looking Like A Done Deal [WATCH]

Like most kids born in the mid 70s, I grew up with the idea that Star Wars was a philosophy and a way of life, more than it was ever a movie. I have feelings of indifference towards the latest films, but only because I can't be bothered these days. So am I stoked that [...]

Bastille Cover A Green Day Classic [LISTEN]

Bastille "Bastillized" Green Day's classic 'Basket Case'. They added some strings and brass to the arrangement and it works! It's pretty cool, and the song sounds way more like them than a Green Day song. It's a lot more whiny than the Green Day version so it might even suit the lyrics a little bit [...]

New Queens Of The Stone Age Video [WATCH]

Queens Of The Stone Age just released the video for 'The Way You Used To Do' as an Apple exclusive. But they were kind enough to share a preview. It's good ol' RocknRoll! With Josh Homme busting out some dance moves that we never knew he had. But remember when Rock was all about the [...]