Portugal. The Man Play Conan With Strings And Horns [WATCH]

I love the way Portugal. The Man keeps it fresh with every performance. A few weeks ago they played Fallon with Bboys on stage and no backing tracks. They changed it up for Conan a couple nights ago with a string and brass sections. They even laid back into the groove a bit. PTM are [...]

Muppets: “The Biggest Entertainment News Of The Year” [WATCH]

The Muppets are playing a concert series at The Hollywood Bowl! Your favorites like Miss Piggy, Kermit, Animal and others, will be live on stage with an orchestra. Three shows are planned from September 8 - 10. In true Muppets Show fashion they'll be joined throughout the night by celebrity human guests. Of course Miss [...]

Computers Dream In The New Foster The People Video [WATCH]

The new Foster The People video is a trip and takes us into the dream world of computers. If computers are dreaming then the battle of Man vs Machine is closer than I thought. This is the best montage music I've heard in ages, so I'm a little bummed that the video isn't made up [...]

BeerX: Beers To Look For From A Guy Who Knows Nothing About Beer

I've seen the master beer list for BeerX! And it's glorious. Danielle wrote a blog about her favorite beers from the list so I decided to copy her. However my list is much shorter. To choose more than three beers would risk getting involved in a conversation that would reveal I know absolutely nothing about [...]

The BeerX Finale Will Be One Of The Greatest Festival Finales Ever!

Most festivals have a contrived, 80's-era fireworks show for their finale. But at 91X we don't mess around! Sure we considered the fireworks. But BeerX is so massive this year, that we decided to go bigger and arranged for a cosmic display that puts any fireworks display to shame: The Perseid Meteor Shower. The Perseid [...]

Guillermo del Toro In Cahoots With Patrón For Signature Tequila [WATCH]

Soon you'll be sipping on what looks to be a delicious Guillermo del Toro signature tequila from Patrón. The trailer (is it still a trailer if it's not for a movie?) goes dark and deep into the process of transforming the agave into the maddening elixir. It looks so magical I can't wait to try [...]

13 Years Ago Today The Dave Matthews Band Pooped On Chicago [WATCH]

Well, not literally... but GROSS!! On August 8th, 2004, the Dave Matthews Band's tour bus dumped 800lbs of raw sewage off the Kinzie street bridge. Onto a tour boat below! For the anniversary, a documentary was made featuring interviews with witnesses and victims of what's become known as #Poopgate. And it's hilarious! "I saw people [...]
glass animals

Glass Animals Shoots New Video In A Human Centrifuge [WATCH]

Damn, this is intense. For the new Glass Animals video Dave takes a ride in a human centrifuge to simulate heartache. "... the most striking thing is the way that the machine pulls on your heart. you can actually feel it struggling to beat and changing shape…flattening inside of your chest. Its similar to that horrible [...]

91X Riffs With Silversun Pickups

Brian from Silversun Pickups dropped by to show us how to play 'Lazy Eye'. He also talked about his distinct playing style, approach to song writing and why the band can be a producers nightmare. Zach