[WATCH] Metallica Bass Player’s 12 Year Old Kid Plays First Shows With Korn

Photo source: Christopher Johnson wikimedia commons Earlier this month I shared an article about Korn's new bass player, Tye Trujillo, the 12 year old son of Metallica's Robert Trujillo. So far he's only booked to fill in for a few South America tour dates. But he rips so who knows where this will go. Perhaps [...]

Missio Announces New Album In Time For #XFEST2017

Dope! Missio's new album Loner will be out May 19th. Just in time to learn all their songs and sing along at #XFEST2017. Zach Stoked to announce our new album LONER available on May 19! Pre-order this Friday and you'll receive "KDV" feat. Shug instantly!— MISSIO (@MissioMusic) April 11, 2017

[WATCH] K.Flay Pop Up Busking Session At Fathom

"Blood In The Cut" I was fishing out on Shelter Island last weekend, on the dock next Fathom. When all-of-a-sudden K.Flay appeared! She's getting ready to tour the new album Everywhere Is Somewhere and played through a few of her songs. I suggest you keep an eye on our facebook and twitter. This won't be [...]

[WATCH] Charlie Murphy’s Famous Chappelle Show Sketch About Meeting Prince

Photo Attribution: Timothy M. Moore Chappelle's Show Friends, family and fans of Charlie Murphy were shocked to receive news this morning that he died of leukemia, according to his manager. He was 57. His story on the Chappelle Show about meeting Prince is hilarious! And true, for the most part. Watch it again. Or for [...]

[WATCH] Bastille ‘Blame’ Video

This video has been out for a bit. But, again, because I live under a rock, I just watched it for the first time. And it's super creepy! They don't even lighten it up for a happy ending. In fact it's the contrary. Watch it all the way through . Zach

[WATCH] Jack White Releases First Music Since Lazaretto

I had no idea Jack White owns the baseball bat company Warstic with Detroit Tiger’s second baseman Ian Kinsler. But I also live under a rock so I’m usually the last to know about just everything. So it makes sense that Jack would compose an instrumental sound track for the new Warstic promo video. The [...]
Love Is Mystical

Cold War Kids Play ‘Love Is Mystical’ On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Did you see Cold War Kids when they came to The Observatory? They played "Love Is Mystical" about a week before it was released. (It was my first time at The Observatory!) Watch them play it live again on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night! -Zach
Krist Novoselic

[WATCH] Nirvana’s Final Concert

On this day in 1994 we lost Kurt Cobain. Nirvana broke the mold of the music industry as we knew it, and continues to inspire musicians and music lovers today. In memory of Kurt, here’s some footage of the final Nirvana concert in Munich, Germany. RIP Kurt, you are missed. Zach

[LISTEN] Download The Recording Of The RHCP Show In San Diego

I kept telling you that you'll be able to download a recording of that epic Red Hot Chili Peppers show at the Sports Arena from a couple weeks ago. Well now is the time! Happy listening. Zach New live downloads from Portland, Seattle, Vancouver & San Diego are now available at! #TheGetaway #RHCP— [...]

Dan Mancina Lost His Vision And Kept On Skating!

Dan Mancina lost his vision and kept on skating. He’s doing frontside board slides and nose bonks on benches. Frontside slides are sketchy enough when you can see! That’s bonkers. An inspiration and another reminder to me that it’s not about how hard you rip. It’s about feeling the board under your feet. Never stop [...]