letters, we get letters…

Dear 91X,

Thanks in advance. Let me share a little about what you all mean to me. A little over 22 years ago I found your station and I started listening. I loved the way your DJs would take the time and give a little of their personal knowledge about the artists, or the songs, it was never just “play music, announce artist and song title, play commercial, repeat”. It meant something, something major.

Over time I became “Mike from Point Loma” to Robin, Halloran, etc. I remember getting my 3 songs picked for “Help, 91X, it feels like I’m stuck on a desert island…”. I had it recorded on cassette for a long time. I wanted to be a part of what you all did, I was proud to be from San Diego and have 91X as my station.

Eventually I got caught up in some things and situations that made it look like the only choice I had was to move to Wisconsin.

It was a lonely time.

Then I found you again, via the Internet and 91X.com.

I felt whole again, I called often to share talk about songs and the weather and let you all know how good you had it. I became “Mike from Wisconsin”.

Fast forward a little and relationships failed and another year of cold weather just didn’t make sense. I moved back home. One of the first things I did when I got back was call 570-1919 and request some Social Distortion and it got played. Not an hour later, but after the very next commercial. You all have always meant a ton to me. I’m sure you all don’t always think of it when you see the “on air” lit up, but every time you speak into the mic or hit play you’re touching lives. For that I say thank you!