Changes to the 2014 OTL Tournament

Due to new rules forced upon OMBAC by the City of San Diego the following changes will be in effect for the 2014 World Championship Over The Line (OTL) Tournament on Fiesta Island July 12-13, 19-20.

Bringing your own alcohol (BYOB) is not allowed. Do not come to the OTL tournament playing area with your own alcohol. You will be denied entry.
Alcohol will be sold inside the tournament playing area.
The tournament playing area will be a fenced and controlled 21 years old and up area. Expect the same ID admittance requirements as a bar or nightclub.
Anyone attending the Over The Line tournament will be required to have valid government issued photo ID (drivers license, military ID, passport, etc).
No consumption of alcohol outside of a camper or RV will be permitted in the RV camping areas.
In the RV camping areas consumption of alcohol by persons 21 years of age and older within a camper or RV is permitted.

In 2008 the City of San Diego adopted, and the voters approved, a ban on alcohol at the city’s beaches without a special event permit.  Up and until last year we received our permits as usual. The City of San Diego was sued last year by an organization seeking its own permit from the City and they cried foul when they were unable to obtain one.  The City of San Diego, afraid of being sued again, concluded a new written policy governing the issuance of permits was required.  Unfortunately, OTL ended up on the wrong side of the new plan. Events such as the last 60 OTL’s are now banned.

We talked to everyone at City Hall that would listen but were unable to resolve the matter. City Officials have been courteous and have expressed an interest to work with us in the future but this year we simply must comply with the new rules. Confronted with the need to follow the no BYOB, 21 only and fences mandate our choices were essentially two:  Setup a bar with fences or cancel the tournament.  Please know and understand that we will work with the City diligently during the next year to return OTL to its roots. The way it always has been.

If we need your support to accomplish this we will ask for it when the time comes.  We hope you will respond positively. Our belief is that there are many good reasons to treat OTL as it has been treated for the past 60 years. We have received a permit every year since 1964.  We have upheld our end of the bargain.  OTL fans and players have behaved responsibly, we have paid thousands of dollars for police support and permits and we have given back to our community.  OTL has not been a burden on our City; rather it has been an expression of the uniqueness of San Diego.

OMBAC is very much against these new rules being forced upon us. These new rules punish those of us who have acted responsibly and manage a successful event that has been enjoyed by San Diego for the last 60 years.

If the time comes when we need your help and support in convincing the City of San Diego to allow OTL to be the same as it has been since 1964 we will ask for your help. We will need to be able to contact you. Below you will find our social media contact information for Twitter and Facebook. You can also signup to receive email notices from OMBAC.