You may have noticed that the poster for Wrex the Halls night 2 had a tattoo theme to it. That wonderful design was created by tattoo artist extraordinaire, Randy Janson of El Rey Tattoo & Barber. He did Tom Delonge’s sleeve, among many others, so we thought it would be cool to have a tattoo contest and involve the guys from Pierce the Veil.

After sifting through over 200 entries, Jess from Lakeside was selected as the lucky winner!

We followed her around that day, as she got the tattoo in the morning and then headed straight to the Sports Arena immediately afterwards. She got to meet the band and show them her new ink.

A huge thanks goes out to Randy and a big congrats to our winner Jess.

Do you feel left out? Bring your ticket stub from either night of Wrex the Halls to receive 10% OFF a tattoo or you can get 20% OFF a gift certificate! A last minute gift idea for grandma!