Blondie‘s 11th album doesn’t come out until May 5th, but we already know enough about it to make us excited to hear more!

Debbie Harry, Chris Stein & Clem Burke are all on it of course, but this time around they’ve been joined by Dave Sitek (TV On The Radio), Sia, Johnny Marr, Charli XCX, Nick Valensi (The Strokes, CRX) and more. I bet those were some FUN recording sessions!

Pollinator comes out on May 5th. Get a taste:

Track List for Pollinator

1. “Doom or Destiny”
2. “Long Time”
3. “Already Naked”
4. “Fun”
5. “My Monster”
6. “Best Day Ever”
7. “Gravity”
8. “When I Gave Up On You”
9. “Love Level”
10. “Too Much”
11. “Fragments”