Single? Right on. In a relationship? Super dupes. I’ve gathered up the weirdest VD stuff that our beautiful world has to offer and regardless of your current relationship status, you can enjoy it all,┬ásometimes without even leaving your couch. Bitchin’!

The pinnacle of romance: get married at a Taco Bell!

Give someone a Walking Dead valentine!

We only have eyes for you, but our heart is with #TWD next Sunday at 9|8c.

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Drink a Red IPA! Taphunter’s got you covered.

Fly to Israel & grab a Burger King “Adult Happy Meal” tonight:

Treat yourself to a $9000 heart-shaped fur coat!

Give someone one of these gems:

And if all else fails, you can just scrub yourself with a heart-shaped loofah and then head to Mars. Happy Valentine’s Day!