Set your Saturday plans this week for “Talk Talk” comedy event. Not to be confused with the 80’s band Talk Talk, I highly recommend you check out “Talk Talk” a unique comedy experience happening at Ship in the Woods Saturday December 2nd at 6pm. The event will feature “TALK TALK” a comedy event in the style of TV late night comedy talk shows. Created by Jason Sherry and Matt Hoyt the improvisational talk & variety show will high light special guests and other comedic appearances by Shades McCool, Rob Crow, Dr. Brown, Ash Eliza Smith and other surprise guests. Through improvisation and humor Talk Talk reflects on the complexities of life by embracing the absurdity and hilarity of what it has to offer. With extraordinary special guests, performances, and mind-bending sketches, each Talk Talk episode has viewers on the edge of their seat, waiting to find out what else the satirical twists and turns will bring each segment. Come join us at Ship in the Woods on December 2nd and participate in the live recording in the all-green studio. Ship in the Woods is located at  3007 Felicita Road Escondido, CA. ((PARK IN FELICITA PARK)) $3. This event is *one night only* Saturday December 2nd (live broadcast by Fale Luis of Finest City Entertainment)  7pm – 10pm doors open 6pm, Tickets are $15 suggested donation seats are first come first serve, there will be plenty of standing room space. The event is outside so dress warm. Additionally over 25 artists works will be displayed around the property. find out more by searching Ship in the Woods on Facbeook ( Support the Arts! – Lou Niles