Comic-Con International is an amazing experience every year, but this past year was off the charts! So many experiences that are still vibrant in my mind with many that were linked to films or TV, and even games, that I have been waiting for with great anticipation ever since they stoked my interest to these ridiculous levels that week in July.

The Con had so many major movies and television shows all represented from Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, a slew of Marvel and DC films and more television shows. The high level Offsite experiences that were so incredible like Laika and Stranger Things.One special experience that stood out for me was Bladerunner 2049. The interactive experience, the realistic sets filled with actors and actresses setting the scene for Los Angeles 2049. There is soo much mystery surrounds this new release but the beauty of the cinematography alone looks astounding and of the highest Oscar nomination quality. I watched the orignal over and over and over again and used to be able to recite most of the script. October is here finally and #SDCC has had me waiting and waiting for Walking Dead, Stranger Things, Shadow of War and others. Bladerunner 2049 kicks things off in October. The release date is so very near and I just have to put out there to mark your calendars for Bladerunner 2049. It premieres everywhere October 6th, 2017.

“If you could only see what I’ve seen with your eyes”
See you out there.  – LouNilesIYN