Hello Lou Niles, out In The Neighborhood with one of my picks for MUST SEE events in town. Get out to Ship In The Woods on September 25th the collective will be at it again and they never disappoint.


Local art, music, science and everything mind wonderful troop, collective let’s just say Ship In The Wood / WSOHOIDPS presents another great event. This upcoming event will be at their new ground in Escondido near Felicita Park. Local artists and artists from around the world will present their installations and an exclusive line-up of musicians are on tap for the days events. go to http://www.shipinthewoods.com/flatearth for more information about tickets, artists and the music line up. I highly recommend checking out SUNFOOT. I will be there starting around 1pm and we hope to see you out there supporting Ship In The Woods. The event proceeds will allow for More events like this. One of the musical artists playing the event if the legendary punk folk band The Mekons. If you get a chance check out the documentary on the Mekons, more information on the web site and here is something the late Lester Bangs wrote about them – See You There – Lou Niles

“The Mekons are the most revolutionary group in the history of rock ‘n’ roll.” — Lester Bangs

Years before the term “collective” became a convenient and gradually more irritating shorthand for bands seeking a novel descriptor, there was the Mekons: a genuinely anarchic co-mingling of multi-media artists rampantly talented in the disciplines of music, visual arts, prose writing, and general hell-raising. Convened at Leeds University during the first wave of punk rock and eventually relocated to their adopted home of Chicago, the Mekons are a group of thinkers, agitators, political muckrakers, and brilliant songsmiths who have quietly generated some of the greatest music of the past forty years. That music has unfailingly been rendered on their own terms, and on their own timetable. To the extent that this has inhibited their commercial fortunes, it can mainly be seen as going to plan. Inculcated with a punk band’s proud paranoia regarding the music industry at large, and coupled with an aggressive (but hardly naïve) socialist bent, the mainstream option for the Mekons was likely foreclosed from the gate…(more here.) –  STEREOGUM

The mekons are the most revolutionary group in the history of rock ‘n’ roll” – wrote rock critic Lester Bangs. This genre-defying collective emerged from the 1977 British punk scene, where the mekons progressed from socialist art students with no musical skills to the prolific, raucous progeny of Hank Williams. Theirs is an improbable history – a surprising and influential embrace of folk and country music; with occasional forays into the art world (collaborations with Vito Acconci and Kathy Acker). The mekons continue to make bold, unpredictable music while staying true to the punk ethos. Their mind-boggling output consistently blurs the lines between high art and low and they remain one of the truly great live bands. ” Revenge of the Mekons”, a documentary about the band received nationwide release in 2015 on Music Box Films.14102957_1072199452863165_8755780676952192213_o