In Your Neighborhood presents “LIFE OF BRIAN” at the Casbah July 8th at 8:30pm. The “LIFE OF BRIAN” event features – Brian Karscig doing songs from Convoy, Louis XIV and The Nervous Wreckords. Do not, I really mean it, DO NOT, miss this event! Long time music scene mainstay Mr. Brian Karscig pulls together some of the songs from his illustrious past and current musical adventures. You may or may not know Brian but his work writing, singing, recording and playing in bands like Convoy, Louis XIV and the Nervous Wreckhords is some of the most revered in San Diego.

Convoy was an extremely popular band in San Diego in the late 90’s into the early 2000’s. The band put out what I think is one of the most important local San Diego releases of all time, “The Pineapple Recording Sessions”. Convoy was signed to Atlantic Records, then Hybrid Recordings and toured for seven years. Label issues bogged down the band so they reinvented themselves and created Louis XIV an edgy sexy romp that took off in Europe right away. The bands sound conjurs T-Rex, Bowie and their own signature spice. The band experienced strong success in Europe and eventually in the states releasing multiple E.P.’s and albums. The Nervous Wreckhords is Brian’s current project with music award nominations and a strong following in San Diego. Brian has two albums released with this project that blends the flavors and styles of his contributions to the two previous bands. You may have also seen Brian on stage with the Killers who have been known to ask him to go out on tour with them around the world.

Don’t miss your chance to check out “LIFE OF BRIAN” and experience some of the music Brian has brought to San Diego and the world. Also on the bill is Buckfast Superbee a dynamic straight ahead alt rock favorite who are rising to the top, again with great new songs from a yet to be released album. The Paragraphs play two sets in the Atari Lounge and Mittens opens the show on the main stage. I, Lou Niles will play warm up as the evening starts and between bands in the main room DJ’ing local music and a mix of other fun tunes. Join us at The Casbah July 8th at 8:30pm. Get your tickets at before it sells out.

– Lou Niles