World famous singer-songwriter Jewel was heard on 91x Loudspeaker, before she even had a recording that could be played on the radio!

As the story goes, Lou Niles (that’s me) was introduced to Jewel by Steve Poltz way back in the early 90’s. After seeing one of her performances at the Tiki Bar in Pacific Beach, Steve had invited me down because he had a surprise. That night Jewel jumped on stage in between the Rugburns sets (this was when the Rugburns were a duo) and her short four song performance blew me away.

I asked her to come in on a Sunday night and play live on Loudspeaker, that way I  could record it and have something that I could play on the radio. That had to be in 1992 or late 1993. I talk to Jewel about those days, and what she has been up to lately.

This story and more can be seen in the world premiere of “In Your Neighborhood w/Lou Niles” at the Oceanside International Film Festival on August 8th in the Art of Music Block at 6pm. Come on down and see some films and enjoy the town. I hope to see you here!

The screenings are at the Sunshine Brooks Theatre at 217 N. Coast Hwy in Oceanside CA. Head over to for tickets and more information.