Check out the latest episode of In your Neighborhood w/Lou Niles featuring my hang with members of the band Pepper, in and around Oceanside, CA. In Your Neighborhood is a web series that takes a deeper look into the people, places, events, art, recording, culture and causes that make up the fabric of the modern-day local music scene.

This conversation with Pepper is a great view for bands trying to figure out how to get exposure, build their local support and get beyond their local support to recording and touring. We had a ton of fun and learn from some hard-working musicians, what it really takes to grow things and to keep them going.

We spend some time in their neighborhood, and mine, Oceanside. We visit some amazing food establishments in The Lighthouse (try the Poke and Ahi) and the Local Tap House, better known as LTH (try the burger and the amazing appetizers. Kaleo suggests the Bloody Mary’s).

We have past episodes with Jewel and Built in Sun to check out in the archives at Love Machine Films. We will also have Trouble in the Wind, a music producer round table and rock star avocado farming slated for future episodes.

Thanks again to the Lighthouse, Local Tap Room, The Pour House, DOSD and of course Pepper!

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