In Your Neighborhood takes a deeper look into the people, places, events, art, recording, culture and causes that make up the fabric of the modern-day local music scene.

In Your Neighborhood w/ Lou Niles joins with the world famous Belly Up to present local music

Legends of local rock abound for this event on Wednesday June 29th at the world famous Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach.  Buckfast Superbee and Kut U Up are joined by new local act The Tight Wads. Alternative rock favorites BFSB and Kut U Up from the mid ’90’s gather for show that is sure make your ears throb (in a good way) and bring a huge smile to your face. Both Buckfast Superbee  and Kut U Up have made appearances here and there but these live shows are rare and the Belly Up scene and sound will be a great place to catch the bands; Both band have new music and word is Buckfast Superbee may be recording new music. In Your Neighborhood w/ Lou Niles is a web series and local live event experience that explores music, film, art, events, causes and culture connected to our music scene. is where you can find episode of the web series. I have episodes brewing with Jewel, Pepper, Cody Lovaas and P.O.D. so stay tuned. come on down to the Belly Up and if you are a local band bring your music and give it to me I’d love to hear it. I may play it on the radio, at one of the club night or ask to use it in a film. buy advance tickets at

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