Loudspeaker Session With Up And Coming Local Band Ignant Benches (Videos)

I have the privilege of supporting local music and when I find a band I really like I want to help them out, so these kids have already played the Casbah for me, but had to wait outside.  Three at sixteen and one at fourteen.  Recently the band connected with Brian Karscig of Convoy/Louis XIV who recorded a new take on “Faked Your Smile,” you can see the “live” version we recorded below, I played the new version on Loudspeaker last night.  Five songs and an interview of a great new local band and they are still young…

Special thanks to my crew, Alan Sanderson and Pacific Beat Recording Studio…

Links to all involved below videos…

Sincerely, Tim Pyles – Mayor Of Local Music

Recorded live at Pacific Beat Recording for The Pyles Sessions on 91X Loudspeaker, July 2017.

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Craig Rian

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