All of us here at Loudspeaker and 91X are so happy for local band The Frights.  In a few short years they signed to Dangerbird Records (SILVERSUN PICKUPS), got dropped by the label after one record and then recently announced they had signed to punk rock juggernauts Epitaph Records with a new record due later this year.

And don’t forget about You Are Going To Hate This Fest 3 on February 17th at SOMA curated by The Frights (poster at bottom).

Congrats to The Frights!

Tim Pyles


The Frights started out as a prank, a joke band that was meant to play one 30-minute set and disappear, but the gag worked well enough that the trio members became a “real” band almost in spite of themselves.

Hailing from San Diego, California, the Frights were formed in the summer of 2012 by guitarist and lead singer Mikey Carnevale, bassist and vocalist Richard Dotson, and drummer Marc Finn. The three friends had just graduated from high school and began writing songs together, mixing surf music, vintage punk rock, indie noise, and flashes of doo wop vocals in tunes that managed to be catchy, aggressive, and playfully ridiculous all at once.

Now, after releasing two albums and touring the country extensively The Frights have set to work on their 3rd full length album with FIDLAR’s Zac Carper producing. The album will be out in 2018 and will be their first on Epitaph records.


As if February ain’t cold enough

You had to go and break my heart

I made six reservations just in case of cancellations

But I guess we could eat dinner apart

The way you stared when I bought you that big bear

I could tell you were kinda disturbed

But my kind act of kindness, can we put this all behind us?

Have you tried the chocolate mints, they’re superb

Can’t believe we’re through, but I guess it’s really true

Valentine’s sux without you

Now I sit here stoned at Benihana’s all alone

Valentine’s sux without you

(ahh it sux)

Now I sit at my desk, at my low class job

Everybody’s got flowers on theirs

And it’s hard to concentrate, someone tells me bout their date

____ hell Jenny, nobody cares!

My house is a mess, I’m forty days behind in rent

And I still smell your ____ perfume

And I’m full of regret, all that money that I’ve spent

To have a barber shop quartet sing for you

One day at a time, by next year I should be fine

Valentine’s sux without you

When push comes to shove, it’s the national day of love

Valentine’s sux without you

Oh Valentines sux without