Below is the essay I read on air about Cali Roots and Slightly Stoopid. We got a lot of great feedback on it and decided to post the whole thing here for everyone to read for themselves. Props to Brendan F. Clemente for writing it and bringing it down to us while we were with Slightly Stoopid at Nico’s in OB for the Best Breakfast Burrito Tour. Enjoy:

“Perhaps the beauty or magic of a place is sometimes best noticed by people just passing through. When you live in a place long enough, no matter how amazing, there’s a point where even it’s most fantastic features start appearing, well, normal. The city streets may be paved with gold, but if you walk them to work every day they’re easy to take for granted.

When I moved to Ocean Beach, CA, I spent hours staring in amazement at rows of palm trees that led directly into the mighty Pacific Ocean. To me it wasn’t just Winston’s Bar and Grill, it was a venue Slightly Stoopid grew up playing; it wasn’t just a beach town in San Diego, it was the town where Slightly Stoopid turned their dreams into realities- it’s a place where the possibilities of life and love breathe freely in the salty air, and remind you that you can do something great with your life.

You see though, Slightly Stoopid isn’t your normal set of locals- they live with a deep appreciation for their beautiful hometown, not taking a single golden sunset for granted. You’ll see them walking down by the pier to watch the waves roll in, or relaxing by the cliffs to enjoy a spectacular sunset. It seems that the true beauty of Ocean Beach, a fascinating beauty that is all-too-often appreciated only by passers by, is certainly not lost on this band.

The support, dedication and humble connection to their roots and their home makes the band that much bigger. When growing up on the east coast I used to jam their songs on the way to high school. I had no idea who they were, or what Ocean Beach was, but i knew that these guys made music from the soul and were ready to share it with the entire world.

Sometimes it’s funny to me that I ended up here in Ocean Beach, where they began, and found myself tangled and twisted in the inspiring roots of Southern California culture. I guess I had always assumed they were probably pretty easy-going guys, but remnants of my childhood and hearing their CD 3,000 miles away in New Hampshire while growing up still had me imagining them as something spectacular.

It wasn’t until really living here that I realized these were just normal guys; guys who love hanging out with friends, surfing, having fun, spending time with family, playing music and enjoying life. They just happened to have big dreams, and kept playing rain or shine until their dreams became reality.

And you know what, that’s what is beautiful about Slightly Stoopid. Since moving to Ocean Beach, I watched this band who sells out 20,000 person amphitheaters around the country play shows at Winston’s Bar and Grill to raise money for local schools; I watched them play a benefit concert in a local park to remember a friend who passed; they constantly support Team Parker for Life to help fight childhood cancer; I even personally had the privilege of opening a show for their drummer Rymo’s band Agent 22 once, and when I saw him a full year later he cared enough to remember my band’s name… there’s something special about all of that.

With all this realization finally came the truth; Slightly Stoopid are just a great group of guys doing what they love. They’re no different than any kid who sat in their room trying to make a guitar sound good- they just stuck it out and made sure they played their music wherever and whenever they could. Now, I see Slightly Stoopid as a truly nice family of musicians and neighbors, who love their community and enjoy smiling while they help in whatever way they can.

The beauty of a place is not lost on Slightly Stoopid. And it’s no secret why they return time and time again to festivals like the beloved California Roots Music and Arts Festival. This festival, like Ocean Beach, holds a beautiful vibe within its very being that helps give a reason for people to be happy.

The beauty of California Roots comes for 3 spectacular days each year, and then leaves the Monterey Fairgrounds almost as quickly as it appeared, living on in our memories until the next year rolls around.

I feel honored and privileged to capture the vibes of this festival through my writing, and to live such a fun and exciting life in the small town of Ocean Beach. I want to sincerely thank Slightly Stoopid for being not just great musicians, but great people as well- thank you for making it easy to dream big, stay positive, and look up to you as the genuinely kind souls you are.”

An Article By:
Brendan F. Clemente