Resurrection Sunday

6 a.m.

Sleepless, King Crimson
Good Girls Don’t, The Knack
Pocket Calculator, Kraftwerk
Around The Dial, The Kinks
Eighties, Killing Joke
Tattva, Kula Shaker
Always On the Run, Lenny Kravitz
Too Shy, Kajagoogoo
Wild Weekend, Rockin’ Rebels
Don’t Care, Klark Kent
Detachable Penis, King Missile

7 a.m.

E=MC2, Big Audio Dynamite
I Got Loaded, Los Lobos
Killing In the Name, Rage Against the Machine
Killing an Arab, Cure
Blood and Roses, The Smithereens
Alone Again Or, The Damned
7 and 7 Is, Love
Goin’ Out of My Head, Wes Montgomery
No Myth, Michael Penn
Samson and Delilah, Bad Manners
Stand and Deliver, Adam Ant
I Feel You, Depeche Mode

8 a.m.

Fire, Red Hot Chili Peppers
Hot Pants, James Brown
Burning Down the House, Talking Heads
Hot Child In the City, Nick Gilder
Hot In the City, Billy Idol
Fire Water Burn, Bloodhound Gang
EMI, Sex Pistols
That’s Entertainment, The Jam
Sweet Jane, The Velvet Underground
Wild Weekend, Rockin’ Rebels
Sound And Vision, David Bowie
Queen Bitch, David Bowie
Da Da Da, Trio
Rock N’ Roll High School, The Ramones

9 a.m.

Wild Sex (In the Working Class), Oingo Boingo
Work For Love, Ministry
Working In a Coal Mine, Devo
Working Girl, Members
Best Friend, English Beat
Ranking Full Stop, English Beat
The In Crowd, Ramsey Lewis Trio
Driver 8, R.E.M
FM, Steely Dan