Viewpoint Brewing Co. Stops by for Beer for Breakfast

There is only one brewery in Del Mar and that is Viewpoint Brewing Co. Garett, Danielle, and Paul welcomed the founder of Viewpoint Brewing Co. Charles Koll, and their head brewer Moe Katomski. Viewpoint also has a kitchen and the beers pair beautifully with their food. Viewpoint Brewing Co. is a great place for a [...]
Foo Fighters pub

Foo Fighters Are Opening Their Own Pub!

Foo Fighters just announced they will be opening up their own pub! In anticipation of the band's ninth studio album, Foo Fighters' announced on social media they will be opening up a pub in London. According to Alternative Press: "The pub, called the Foo Fighters Arms, will only be open for a week to celebrate [...]

ADIDAS Made The Perfect Shoe For Ye Scallywag AND Wrex The Halls!

You had me at "vomit-proof," adidas! Designed specifically to withstand a beer-soaked Oktoberfest experience, the adidas Munchen is "Inspired by the Bavarian leather pants...finest leather with DPBR coating make a durable puke & beer repellent upper... to withstand the rigors of Oktoberfest the shoe will come with a water-repellent – and most importantly, a beer-repellent [...]
pup crawl

Puppies + Pub Crawl = Pup Crawl!

This is super duper rad! Marilyn is a rescue dog so this is near and dear to my heart. SIT. GULP. CRAWL, The Barking Lot’s 1st annual pub crawl, on Sunday, August 27, 2017. Who's The Barking Lot? We're passionate. We're non-profit. And we're volunteer-run. Since 2010, we've rescued over 5,000 dogs, finding happy homes for [...]

Pennywise Beer Will Get You Stoked For Ye Scallywag!

Introducing PENNYWISER, an easy drinking Session IPA from our friends at @lostcoastbrewer. Coming soon:— Pennywise (@Pennywise) August 21, 2017 Pennywise has a beer on the way! And not just any beer, it's 'Pennywiser, The Bro-Hymn of Beers', a session IPA collaboration with Lost Coast Brewery.  Makes sense, you should drink a session beer [...]

Live Broadcast at Stone Brewery 21st Anniversary Celebration

  Come join 91X  for a live broadcast with Hilary and the morning show, Tommy and Danielle, at Stone 21st Anniversary Celebration & Invitational Beer Festival happening on August 19th at Cal State San Marcos! It’s not only the largest craft beer festival in Southern California, but it’s also the largest annual charitable event! They […]


Beer X: Danielle’s Top Beers to Look for at BeerX

GUYS!  I just saw the beer list for Beer X and HOLY CRAP! These are the beers that I highly suggest you try at Beer X on Saturday! Unlimited pours from 1pm-4pm! There will be over 120 amazingly, delicious, dank beers, but these are my picks. By the way... There were a TON of beers [...]

Happy National IPA Day! Celebrate San Diego Style!

If you listen to Beer for Breakfast you KNOW IPA's are Tommy and I's favorite style of beer. Don't get me wrong, there are other great styles out there, but we are hop-heads. Well today is National IPA Day! (But in my world, everyday is IPA day.) There are some rad things going on at [...]

Heavy Drinkers In Rancho Bernardo Will Live Longer, According To UCSD Study

In news that bodes well for all of us (not just RB residents, of course!) who enjoy a beer or three regularly, a UCSD study has found that "moderate to heavy drinkers... are more likely to live to 85 without developing dementia and other cognitive problems compared to people who don’t drink at all." Recently published in the [...]

Coronado Brewing Co. turns 21 and buys it’s first beer!

Coronado Brewing Company just had their 21st anniversary and while most people would be buying their first beer at that age, Coronado Brewing was buying Monkey Paw Brewing instead! (Press Release) In today’s tumultuous beer climate, two of San Diego’s most respected and award-winning independent craft breweries are joining forces to deliver more beer to [...]