In case you missed this breaking news yesterday!  Make sure to watch the video posted at the web site featuring characters from Portlandia and be glad they didn’t go with the pill version…

– Pyles


Run The Jewels 3
its a christmas fucking miracle.
for our jewel runners worldwide,
fuck it. we couldn’t help ourselves. it just feels right. after a crazy fucking year and with a full tour about to set off we asked ourselves what we were waiting for… and we just couldn’t come up with a great answer. you’ve been with us since we started this thing and its made such a huge difference in our lives to have your energy and love. thank you. so as a gift to all of you who have allowed us to continue to do what we love: RTJ3. we busted our asses on this one and we think we made something special this round. grab it for free, buy it on any of the digital platforms you like or stream it. physical copies will still be dropping in January as announced but until then: enjoy and we will see you on the road!
with our love,
jaime and mike.
Get it 👉👊 #rtj3