While San Diego is known for being one of the most hop-forward craft beer scenes in the U.S., we’re not the only ones who came play the hops game. Knee Deep Brewing Co. in Auburn has been busy brewing adventurous, highly-hoppy IPAs in Gold Country, particularly their with their Breaking Bud formula.

Tommy, Danielle, Abel from the 91X What’s Hoppening blog and Paul Segura from the Karl Strauss Brewing Co. welcomed Knee Deep Brewing brewer Daniel Oliva to this week’s edition of Beer for Breakfast, along with Knee Deep‘s Southern California sales representative Brian Sharp. We sampled the Tahoe Deep, Lupulin and Man Juice IPAs on Beer for Breakfast ABV, and saved the Otter Hops IPA and Stoutello milk stout for the radio edition of Beer for Breakfast:

Tahoe Deep
Imperial IPA
8.5 percent ABV

Imperial IPA
8.0 percent ABV

Man Juice
American IPA
6.5 percent ABV

Otter Hops
Imperia IPA
8.0 percent ABV

Milk Stout
6.0 percent ABV

The next time you’re out hiking in the Auburn State Recreation Area or having fun in Gold Country and around Placer County, stop by Knee Deep Brewing Co. at 13395 New Airport Rd., Suite H, in Auburn, California. And make sure you check out the 91X Facebook page as we Facebook Live a new edition of Beer for Breakfast ABV every Tuesday evening.