When I think of all the drama the Chargers (but really Dean Spanos) have caused about moving or staying all I can hear is The Clash Should I stay or Should I Go. And at this point I’m more on the you should go side.

Deadspin just put an article about the “relocation dance” Dean Spanos has put San Diegans through. After over a decade, the threats to move might finally be coming to a end.

In a nutshell, Spanos has until Monday to take LA up on the offer they made a year ago to share a stadium with the Rams. Here’s the thing though, why would you go to a city that can’t even support 1 NFL team? Owners of the Rams are disappointed with the Rams’ first season in LA with low ratings and a struggling team. It’s not like the Chargers are some high performing team with a winning record.

Spanos wants to move even though LA doesn’t want him and the NFL doesn’t want him to move the team. Spanos will only stay if the NFL throws a bunch of money his way for a new stadium since the city declined to pay for one.

Read the whole article here.

I’m soooooo over this Charger drama.

So instead I think I’ll listen to The Clash.