This is my dog Marilyn yesterday not understanding why we’ve been in bed all day. It’s called a sick day Marilyn, chill.

Anyway, if you’ve ever gotten a puppy or dog you know it’s a TON of work in the beginning. You’ve got to train them to not pee or poop in the house, to not chew on the furniture, and to not get into general puppy mischief.

Hoooooooooooow did you get into THAT?!

Scottish craft beer company Brewdog is offering its staff with new dogs a week of ‘Puppy Parental Leave’. This is FREAKIN’ AWESOME!

Brewdog also allows employees to bring dogs with them to work. There are 50 office dogs at their headquarters in Aberdeenshire that they consider part of the crew. If i worked at Brewdog, I would go sit on the floor and let all the office dogs love all over me. Yes, I’ve done this before at a pug rescue and it’s an amazing feeling.

I’ve always wanted to work somewhere that I could bring my dog. I feel like it would lift people’s mood in general. Who isn’t happy seeing a dog? I know, I know, liability.

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