In case you missed it, Sunday I went to get some candy (day before my diet starts, I wanted to indulge a little) and saw that this candy was on sale! Score! Then I got home and saw this in plastic. GROSS! I look at the other box I got and it ALSO has bugs. I go back to the store and they ALL had moths/moth cocoons!

Straight up moths were flying around in the plastic wrap.
So I asked the 91X listeners:

What’s the grossest thing that you’ve found in pre-packaged food?

Needless to say, I never want to eat again.

  • Half a potato in a bag of chips
  • Tiny dead bugs in dried pasta
  • Mt.Dew bottle had a small mouse floating inside the sealed capped bottle
  • Spider webs all up in the lettuce of my chipotle salad. Like EVERYWHERE.
  • I was trying to eat healthy and ordered a salad from Jack in the Box(now Starbucks in Mission Beach) and found a moth just like the one in your candy.
  • Spiders in my bag of grapes
  • A dead spider in a bag of chips
  • I had bought a ready made bag of salad and there was a live frog in the middle of the bag
  • Found a work glove inside a box of dog treats
  • Found worms 3 separate times in produce
  • A brand new box of cereal, poured a bowl, and a bunch of dead spiders fell out
  • Cardboard in a burrito
  • A packing glove in a bag of tortilla chip
  • A fly in syrup after I had already taken bites out of my pancake that was drowned in said syrup
  • I found a live bug in my salad
  • Finger nails in my weed
  • Maggots in a mini box of raisins
  • Mold on the lid of yogurt
  • Found lil mealworms in a box of baby cereal
  • A cockroach in my Chinese food
  • Maggots in the middle of a Reese’s PB cup
  • Hair in a bag of pretzels
  • Tiny insect larva in an unopened pop tart box
  • Worms in a salad bag
  • A cock roach crawled out of my new toilet paper once
  • Maggots in a box of Fig Newtons
  • A dead mealworm in my can of artichoke hearts
  • Live praying mantis in a bag of mint fresh mint
  • Maggots in a bag of roasted pumpkin seeds
  • Silver fish in green beans
  • Moldy spider/webs in a mini donut┬ápackage from 99 cent store
  • Rabbit poo in my salad
So now that I’ve totally grossed you out enjoy your future dining endeavors.
Thanks to everyone who contributed!
**Note: The company who I got the candy from DID offer to compensate me for what happened beyond a refund but there is NO amount in gift certificate money that could ever get me to eat that candy again.