It’s no mystery that Royal Blood get a massive sound. I was stoked to get some insight on how it’s done.

We jumped onstage before their set at The Observatory in North Park for a closer look at their gear.

If you’ve seen them you’ll notice that Mike changes basses nearly every song. It’s because they’re all set up with different strings configurations and tuned differently. The only consistency you’ll notice in the video is they all seem to be Fender. That’s not the only Fender gear they have.

Further exploration of the stage revealed a bad ass Fender Rhodes bass piano. I’ve never even seen one of these so the gear nerd in me was stoked!

Ben gave us a thorough tour of his drum kit. He’s a Gretsch and Zildjian man for the most part, but has some K cymbals and a variety of percussion toys. And space on the rack for a healthy dose of tequila.

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