I’ve seen the master beer list for BeerX! And it’s glorious.

Danielle wrote a blog about her favorite beers from the list so I decided to copy her.

However my list is much shorter. To choose more than three beers would risk getting involved in a conversation that would reveal I know absolutely nothing about beer. Except that I like it.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t have an opinion (anyone on social media does right?) or preference. So as much as I love IPA, I’m a little IPA’d out these days. I’ve been drawn towards other styles this summer.

So here’s what I’m looking forward to.


Thorn Street Brewery “Radio Gold” – Golden Ale

They were pouring this out at the 91X Flophouse at Coachella and I can’t wait to fill another glass.

Fall Brewing Co. “Mittens” – Black Lager 

For the last couple of years black lagers have been a favorite of time. Especially in Seattle but they’ll be just as delicious at Waterfront Park and I haven’t tried this one. And look at that art work!

Novo Brazil “Chula Pils” – German Pilsner

I spent a few weeks in Germany late last year and I’ve been on a Pilsner kick ever since.

Tomorrow is LAST CALL for BeerX tickets with no service fees! You have to come in person to the 91x studio between 9a – 5p. Ticket prices go up at the gate. See you there!