There’s no denying that Green Day bass lines are some of the catchiest around. I doubt Longview would have been a hit if it wasn’t for the walking-esque bass intro. So Ernie Ball Strings sat Mike Dirnt down for a chat to inspire musicians.

I can get on board with what his response to people saying you have to be either a guitarist or a bass player. He says you can be both and that musicians shouldn’t really avoid any instruments. Being a multi-instrumentalist is going to keep you inspired, and give you an original style and approach to everything you play.

He also talks about song writing and passing the ‘camp fire test’.

“…just an acoustic guitar and a campfire fifty years from now, it’s still a great song…” Well said and good approach to song writing.

He’s also incredibly grateful for the life he’s had as a professional musician. But for all the folks who think it’s all fun and games, he puts it into perspective.

“If I was working forty hours a week and I had gigs on the weekend, I’d still be just as happy… maybe even happier because I’d have a lot more free time.” Brilliant!

He speaks the truth. When you make a living as a musician your work is never done.

Now grab your axe and practice!


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