Jim Carrey just gave the wackiest interview on the red carpet at Fashion Week. I’m not sure what’s more entertaining, his behavior or how flustered it makes E! host Catt Sadler.

UPDATE: Jim addresses the interview in the new video below.

Is Jim just embracing the role of Terence McKenna he’s rumoured to be playing in a new film? In an article published in April Jim is quoted as saying “I took five grams of dried mushrooms to prepare for this role.”

No project has since been confirmed, and Carrey’s rep denies he made any comment stated in the article. In fact Gossip Cop claims to have debunked the rumor. 

He’s also shaved his beard, so if there was a top secret shooting for of a film it must be over with. Then he’d stop playing the role right?

Perhaps there is no movie or role, and Jim is just on to something.

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