Tim Pyles

Tim Pyles with Suzi Quatro!

Tim Pyles might have gotten a little TOO excited during his interview with Suzi Quatro, but can you blame him?! The two talk about her critically acclaimed 2019 album, "No Control", what she's been up to during quarantine, what it was like getting "rediscovered" and more! Check out the full interview below......

FTW New Music Show 6.2.2019

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lr0ph7lNnE FTW NEW MUSIC SHOW 6.2.2019 HOSTED BY TIM PYLES SHOW CLIFF BEACH AND THE MB’S - CONFIDENT AMYL AND T...

Tim Pyles

Tim Pyles is the host of 91X's award-winning local music show Loudspeaker, Sunday nights from 7-10pm. He is also the host of the FTW New Music Show, airing Sunday nights from 11pm-Midnight.