Marty and Danielle’s Wheel of Burritos

Get up and spin the Wheel of Burritos by Señor Grubby’s – Southern California Mexican Food

Every weekday, be fast with your phone to spin and win a gift card to Señor Grubbys so you can choose your favorite burrito! Sign up below! How about a Spicy Surf & Turf? Or maybe you’ll keep it classic and select a California Burrito…the choice is yours! Check out the menu >

But beware … you could land on Marty’s infamous Burro Prize which isn’t a delicious burrito but, one of Marty’s old CD’s from the ‘90s!

Spinning Monday – Thursday at 8:45am and Friday at 6:45am.

Its Señor Grubbys “Wheel of Burritos” with Marty & Danielle!