New Local 11 Barrel IPA Collaboration on Beer for Breakfast
Paul sports at 11 Barrel t-shirt with (L to R) Dan Drayne, Craig Nelson and Nick Norton.

In honor of the Sunday release and pub crawl for the new 11 Barrel IPA collaboration collaboration between Resident Brewing Co., Half Door Brewing Co. and Monkey Paw Brewing Co., Tommy, Abel from the 91X What’s Hoppening blog and 91X craft beer enthusiast Paul Segura from the Karl Strauss Brewing Co., sampled the award-winning Resident Brewing Urbanite IPA, which won a gold medal at the Los Angeles International Beer Competition in April – and tried the brand new 11 Barrel IPA collaboration between Resident, Half Door and Monkey Paw – all local craft brewers in San Diego’s East Village.

Keep an eye out for the 11 Barrel IPA collaboration on an upcoming edition of Beer for Breakfast ABV, featuring Craig Nelson from Resident, Dan Drayne from Half Door and Nick Norton from Monkey Paw – and stop by the 11 Barrel IPA pub crawl to mark the beer’s release this Sunday in East Village. Support local beer, and support your local brewery.