In Your Neighborhood takes a deeper look into the people, places, events, art, recording, culture and causes that make up the fabric of the modern-day local music scene.

Lou can be found co-hosting Loudspeaker with Tim Pyles (which he helped launch back in the β€˜80s!) and hosting β€˜In Your Neighborhood with Lou Niles!’

In the β€˜90s Lou was found producing and programming specialty radio shows, marketing, managing and coordinating over 40 U.S. tours, then climbing the latter in A&R and PR of the music industry! After getting tired of LA life, he moved back to Oceanside with his wife and started Love Machine Films.

His favorite artists include:
  • Trouble in the Wind
  • Western Settings
  • Pitchfork
  • Convoy
  • Incredible Moses Leroy