We’re going to Maui!

Danielle & Brewmaster Paul felt the Aloha Vibes this week on Beer for Breakfast ABV when they welcomed founder/CEO Garrett from Maui Brewing Co.!
Garrett has deep San Diego roots growing up in Poway; learn about his story and how he got to Maui to start Maui Brewing. Garrett also gives us an insiders tip on traveling to Maui safely during the pandemic.
Keep up with Maui Brewing Co. on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter and be sure to check out Maui Hard Seltzer and KUPU Spirits too!
What’d We Drink?
Pineapple Chi Chi Nitro Golden Ale                      4.8% ABV
Hazy Big Swell IPA                                                    6.8% ABV
Bikini Blonde Lager                                                   4.8% ABV
Big Swell IPA                                                               6.8% ABV