If you’re a Padre fan (and you better be) then you have heard of the beer Padre pitcher Joe Musgrove made with Resident Brewing Company. Jordan (Director of Marketing & Administration) and Bill (Lead Brewer) joined Danielle and Brewmaster Paul on Beer for Breakfast ABV to tell the tale of how No-No Joe Double IPA came to be. If you didn’t get your hands on the first release of No-No Joe Double IPA don’t worry, they’re making more.

What’d We Drink?

No-No Joe Double IPA           8.206% ABV

Why 8.206%? Joe’s no hitter happened on game #8,206 for the Padres!

Morning Sips Imperial Stout made with Vermont Maple Syrup, Ugandan Vanilla Bean, & Mostra Coffee                             10.7% ABV