Beer for Breakfast ABV Social Distancing Edition with Colby Chandler of Ballast Point Brewing was just as stellar as in-person Beer for Breakfast ABV with Colby Chandler.

I don’t know why it surprised me when I got this weeks Beer for Breakfast supplies that Colby had included food to pair with one of the beers, but there it was, along side a 2011 Sea Monster Imperial Stout Colby had been cellaring. This is just one example of the sharing and generosity found within the San Diego Craft Beer Community.

Ballast Point Brewing is open for to-go beer and pick up in Little Italy, Miramar, & Home Brew Mart every day 11AM – 6PM. Also, don’t forget about the tasty food at Ballast Point that can be ordered for pick up or they’re on Postmates as well.

Check out Hilary’s appearance this week on Ballast Point’s podcast “Dedicated to Craft” here. She talks music and radio as well as her rad behind the scene look at the brewery operation with Colby a couple months back.

What’d We Drink? 

Manta Ray Double IPA                                                           8.5% ABV 

Aloha Sculpin Hazy IPA                                                             7% ABV 

Schlenkerlish Rauchbier (Smoked Beer)                         5.4% ABV 

Sea Monster Russian Imperial Stout                                  10% ABV