I’ve never hidden the fact that I am a hop-head. I love super hoppy IPAs so when I found out that we were having a brewery on that has NO IPAs I almost had a heart attack. However, I was pleasantly surprised!

This week Paul and I welcomed California Wild Ales to Beer for Breakfast.

In a city FULL of hoppy beers, California Wild Ales was born from the love of funky, sour beers that the owners love.

Cameron (brewer/co-founder) and Billy (art & marketing/c0-founder) joined Paul and I to get funky. Here’s what we drank:

Salted Yuzu Wild Ale            4.7% ABV

Guava Wild Ale                      4.7% ABV

Watermelon Wild Ale            4.7% ABV

As I said  before I’m a major hop-head and sours just aren’t my thing. However, I really enjoyed these beers. They weren’t face puckering sour like some sours I’ve tried. As my palate evolves I appreciate trying different styles of beer and actually enjoy them!


As always thanks to our director/cinematographer Rick Romero and producer/audio engineer Abel Garcia.