Welcome to The New Weird!

Paul and I couldn’t stay away from Beer for Breakfast ABV for too long. With the help of technology Beer for Breakfast ABV will be done from the safety of all our homes until, as most of us say, “All this S going on ends.”

Obviously in addition to enjoying tasty San Diego craft beer the biggest thing Paul and I want to do is get to word out on which breweries are doing to go and/or deliveries.

So with that said, this week Larry Monasakanian (sales manager) of Fall Brewing Co. joined Paul and I to catch us up. Fall Brewing is open 7 days a week 11AM – 7PM for beer pick up. Crolwers, growlers, cans, bottles, and merchandise is all 30% off.

Fall is located in North Park on 30th Street between Madison Ave. and Monroe Ave. 

What’d We Drink? 

Let’s Go IPA                                                                7% ABV

This Is Not My Beautiful Wife                            6% ABV

Poop Juice Hazy IPA – Apricot                         7.1% ABV

Idle Hands – Apricot Sour                                  3.8% ABV