I love getting the opportunity to try breweries I’ve never tried before on Beer for Breakfast.

Kelby (owner/head brewer), Thomas (owner), and Mark (events manager/sales) from Helia Brewing Co. joined Paul and myself at 91X for Beer for Breakfast ABV this week.

The story of how Kelby and Thomas met is really cool. You can hear the story in the video but the quick version is Thomas is from Brazil and is also a surfer. He was surfing in Leucadia and saw this guy making something in his garage. It was Kelby homebrewing. Thomas asked him what he was doing and a friendship was formed.

Helia Brewing Co. is “Born and raised in Leucadia.  Brewing the dream in Vista, CA.”

What’d we drink: 

Happy Pale Ale               5.6% ABV

Helia Porter                     7.4% ABV 

Hazy IPA                               7% ABV 

Ponytail Red Ale             5.2% ABV